How to find perfect black dress

By sky — June 12, 2012

The Quest for a Little Black Dress


OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — Ever go shopping for a little black dress? The task can be daunting, but women will endure the pain and frustration of high price tags, weird hemlines and cluttered dressing rooms in order to find the perfect LBD.


A recent survey said the average woman spends about five full days shopping for her signature dress and, according to researchers, it will typically cost about $200.

Well, I admittedly shop at thrift stores and a $200 price tag is outrageous to me. Hearing that my “little black dress” came from a department store, our 9 a.m. producer Camissa Hill insisted we go on a little black dress mission and buy a more suitable LBD.

We not only wanted to buy a better dress, we wanted to prove the study wrong. The only rule: we couldn’t shop at thrift stores. So we set out for Oak Park Mall. We had three stores and two and a half hours. But could we do it? …yes, we did!


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