Daddy Yankee breaks more and more records

By Joanna — June 10, 2017

Daddy Yankee

With his new track next to Ozuna leads the radios and the most important charts

The undisputed and multi-hit star Daddy Yankee plays with Ozuna his new hit “La Rompe Corazones”.

This theme has more than 300 million downloads making the Puerto Rican artist the second most heard worldwide by Spotify and the most listened to the Latin artist. In addition, it conquers the most important charts.

Billboard alone has positioned a total of 51 songs in the Hot Latin Songs list , being thus the urban artist with more songs placed in the billboard of the prestigious magazine of music. Of course this achievement is inseparable from the reception of his most recent hit “Despacito” in which he collaborates with Luis Fonsi.

Remember that 13 years ago Daddy Yankee revolutionized the radios with his “Gasolina”, which marked the beginning of a promising career. And that enabled him to enter the top of the most important rankings of Latin music of Billboard. Since then, Yankee has won 21 top-10s and five number 1s. Only this year has he managed to rank seven hits on the list, including “Shaky Shaky”, “Sola”, “Otra Cosa”, “No Quiere Enamorarse”, “Hula Hoop “,” La Rompe Corazones “and” Despacito “.

Stay enjoying “La Rompe Corazones”

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