31 Perfect October Outfits

By Guest — October 08, 2013

Perfect October Outfits

October is an awesome time, weather-wise: chilly enough to order a hot chocolate but still pleasant enough to linger outside while drinking it. (What’s better than that? Nothing, except maybe doing the same thing with a pumpkin spice latte.) And it’s the best of both worlds for your getting-dressed process, too: you can go bare-legged without it being weird, but you won’t look like a season-pusher if you wear your new favorite coat up top, either.

October’s got options, and its chilly-but-not-uncomfortable state means you can keep most of your wardrobe in play. That’s pretty awesome, but if the seemingly endless possibilities (shorts paired with sweaters! ankle boots with sundresses! light fall jackets paired with everything!) aren’t enough to get you excited about the next few weeks’ worth of outfits, we’ve got you covered, as always. Above, dozens of amazing October-ready outfits to copy now—or 31 of them, to be exact, one for each day—culled from our favorite celebs, street style stars and our very own Community members.  See full slide show…

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